Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Health Day
April 7th
Take action today!!

“Today, Together we can do .Yes we can work hard for better health for older people and help them out to promote their healthy life-style and ensuring the quality of health care for them”

Today, The 7th of April, marks the World Health Day, Every year World Health Day celebrated on April to marks the anniversary of founding of the World Health organization in  1948.Each year a theme is selected for this day that highlight the priority area of WHO concern.
World Health Day is a global campaign, invite everyone from the global leaders to all the public around in all countries, to focus on single health issue /challenges with global impact. World Health Day provides an opportunity to start collective actions to protect people’s health and well-being.
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On The World Health Day 2012
Ageing & health:” Good Health adds Life to Years” the topic of World Health Day in 2012 health and ageing with the theme of:” Good Health Adds life to years “the focus is how good health throughout our life can help the older men and women to be more productive and have healthy life styles. To this aim, Dr. Margaret Chan, The director of World Health Organization said on this day: “We need to respect older people as rich source of wisdom and experience, as assets for society, not burdens, as new models for the “new normal”.
On this occasion, the Palestinian communities, government and non-government organizations including private and politician sector have been celebrated this world day with conducting many local events targeting the seniors in our communities in order to protect their health and promoting primary health care for them, Also in order to protect their health they translating their words to collective actions on the ground throughout putting the main stone to  establish a specialized  hospital that concern with only elderly male and female’s health and  give them the right access to hospitals and health centers to get the  primary ,secondary and tertiary health care.
In few words, aging health is one of the global as well as local health priorities and we should make really serious attention to their health and well-being through making extra –efforts to compact chronic diseases which  threatening the life of elderly people and ensuring the life-expectancy for them .

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By, Omar Hawajri

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