Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Climate Change
Take Action Today
“Climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism “David King
The local and international environmental reports are representing that the environmental fragility combined with man-mad factors associated with political conflicts has created climate change vulnerability in the world. And according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the earth’s climate system is undoubtedly getting warm and sever impacts and complications will definitely happen. So the impacts of climate change are likely to affect negatively on the development progress of the all countries in the world in a number of key areas including agriculture and food security, water resources, public health, climate related disasters and natural resources, mostly because so many systems are tied with climate, and a change in climate will negatively effect on people, planets and animals and it might be irreversible.
Thus they are many different types of climate change in the world such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and seasonal variations and the social-economical and political conditions in the world would increase the vulnerabilities of these types of climate change around, and most significantly the most source of current global and local climate change is now dominated by human influences.
The Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), as a part of global community is subject to many serious changes in key areas like annual rainfalls, mean temperature, extreme weather and sea level as stated in the Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC, and according to The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Programam of Action of Palestinian Authority has identified that Gaza Strip having high level of climate vulnerability and these vulnerability is a result of two factor man-mad and political policy . For example of climate change in Gaza, now the Palestinian who living in Gaza are under the impact of critical water shortage. One of the most major reasons of water crisis in Gaza is the occupation policy and current military operations which has given the Palestinian little control of their water resources. Additionally, the blocked imposed on Gaza is prevented installation and development of an effective modern water and sanitation system, and you have to receive a permit before from the Israeli Authorities to start working on project water or entering any water reservoirs and pumping site.
Furthermore the impact of climate change will effect on the international and regional public health as well as Palestinian , the people will be risky for water –borne disease such Cholera that cause diarrhea and then dehydration . Besides, re-appearing of vector – born disease in long term like Malaria.
Now there is still time to avoid the worst impact of global climate change .if we are taking immediate action today’s and working together to developing and implementing best policies and practices of adaptation which can minimize the risks and sever impacts. The adaptation to climate change should involve the governments, civil societies, business leaders and policy makers, world leaders and young climate activist, in order to develop national strategies, protocols and tools to address the climate change, and supporting programs of climate and environment management. These adaptation strategies should be based on international cooperation and regional integration.
As a young leaders we can do difference in coping with climate change throughout many different activities such as putting pressure on policy makers and doing advocacy mobilization for more living a greener lifestyle, also improving the capacities of young people to effectively analyze the climate change in their countries. Besides, developing networks and coalitions where we can share best practices of this issue. And we should know these adaptation strategies require a mentoring and evaluation plan to measure the progress of climate change adaptation activities.
Finally, the international community needs to act immediately to reverse the damage of climate change and developing sustainable solutions that will benefits all nations and also paying serious attentions to climate change through engaging a variety of stakeholders and social media in the adaptation strategies.
By, Omar Hawajri

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