Monday, December 10, 2012

World Social Forum, My Speech statement

On the international Day of Solidarity with Palestinian .29th of Nov , 2012  

Thank you every body for coming today to this fourth session of World Social Forum, Free Palestine WSF entitled( The role of Palestinian civic organizations to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian youth in Gaza ) . It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the sessions of this World Social Forum in Porto Allegra- Brazil . this participating were coming after the recently Israeli attack on Gaza in November 2012 .

Actually , before coming here to the forum , My friends and I thought that we could not managed to get out from the Strip of Gaza in order to represent the Palestinian Youth within the Palestinian Youth Delegation who coming from all regions in Palestine ( Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jerusalem, 1948 ) and taking central role in these panel sessions. The reason why we thought that ,simply because of the Israeli Military Operations on the Strip .And as Gazan youth living under this horrible and scary situations ,under the ongoing the Israeli Apartheid  on the strip , I felt that any time , may I die by bombing and shelling everywhere ,  I was helpless and so afraid for my friends and family, because there were no safe places to go , no places to hide, and the worst feeling were seeing my little brothers  and sisters crying and screaming  with the hearing of the huge explosions  every time hit the civilians people around us .  I will never …never forget this terrible and miserable moments . So, today I’m so lucky to be among you while I share my feelings and experiences during this difficult time .

Thus, the most majority of causalities and martyrs were children, women as well as youth , who are always the first target for the Israeli attacks ,as a trial to make those youth go down and weak the youth development in the strip. So, today I’m here to share with the feelings and aspirations of Gaza youth under the Israeli Occupation and their apartheid siege . so, please let’s see this short movie about Gaza aspirations and dreams .

As you already know, Gazan  youth have been living on the biggest open –air jail on the world since many years . So, regarding this they have been suffering form  racism, isolation, segregation, an separation from the other side of our home land( WB, Jerusalem, and 1948 ) as well as the isolating from outside world.

Moreover, the vast majority of Gaza youth and I believing these “ segregation, isolation, and racism “ are other types of Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinian youth in general and Gaza as a particular, in order to disconnect them with the  other Palestinian youth living on the other sides, and prevent any trail to meeting under the theme of Palestine.

In fact, the Palestinian youth are easy to meet outside Palestine , but it’s not easy to meet in side Palestine , this is the an excellent example for the Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinian youth. Generally the Palestinian youth have dreams to visit their friends and families in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Jerusalem , they have dreams to visit the historic  places, to visit chures there,  but because the ongoing occupation they are not allowed to do that . this is a clear evidence what the Zionist doing on the ground .

So, today, I’m so happy not only to visit Brazil and get involved in the World Social Forum but also to met for the first time a great friends from West Bank , Jerusalem and 1948, as it’s was too difficult to meet them inside Palestine even though they are not far away from Gaza, where we living as an  hour away driving.

So, this is the leading role of the Palestinian civic organizations to support the steadfastness of Palestinian youth through facilitating their meeting and gathering with each other’s and  give them the opportunities to work collectively at national and international levels towards the freedom, justice, and dignity of all Palestinian everywhere. And also enhancing the right of Palestinian in self determination and  identity as well as other basic rights , which were admitted by the UN resolutions before.

Finally, as a Palestinian youth we think the time is over, time of banners is enough, time of silence is over , today it’s the time to take serious actions on the ground , to end the  Israeli occupation, apartheid and colonization, through out developing different networks of individuals and organizations worldwide , in order to send a clear massages to the intentional community about the  Palestine question and imposed the Israeli apartheid polices to the international bodies.  As I believe actions speak always louder than words .

Thank you every body for your listening and please follow us on the United Youth Face Book Page as an official page for the Palestinian Youth Delegation.!/pages/United-Youth-for-Palestine/496142273764183?fref=ts

Omar Hawajri, a member of Palestinian Youth Delegation to WSF 
Nov, 2012 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gaza Attack 2012 "Pillar Of Clouds Operation "

Dear Friends,
Sorry it was long days I didn't post any thing , I know I should have to write and document what is goning on here in Gaza in these difficult sitautions( Gaza Under Attack 2012as Israeli called it Pillar Of Clouds Operation). the reason why I didn't post simply beacuse I was so busy with my work in the Pediatic Hospital during the days of Israile Attack and I didn't have engery to post while I see the Israeli massacres, bombing and shelling every where for 8 days .
Therfore, today is the 8th day of the Israile attack on the Gaza Strip , really we lived these difficult days as the latest days of our life, it's was so scary and we lsot many friends and relatives . during these ongoing attack we never sleep ,we were always wake up as a result of bombing and sheeling every where and as log as with these long days .
Regarign to this ongoing attack on Gaza , death toll rasing up to reach out 162 martyrs ,most of them are inoncet and civilains people , including 41 children, 11 women, and 1236 injuried people , including  438  children , 207 women as well.  and up to now, Israile airstrikes are goning on on the ground , boobing and shelling are raining on the GAZA as well as ther are many drones on the skye of Gaza rigth now trying to found out other civilances tragtes .
 The ceasfire agreement declared this night through the confercne press in Egypt between the Eqypation adiminstraion and Hellary Clintion - the Minister of US Foregins Affairs. However, the Israli continue on the ground and still trageting more civlainces here and there  as well as death toll still rasing up !!
Today, Time is over, time of baneers enough, it's the time to take seroius actions on the ground and to mobilize the international community to be with the rights of Palestinain people in freedom, dignity and peace like other nations worldwide. the interntional community should work today to stop the Israile mascares on the civialnce people in the strip as well as they should committ to do the best for Palestinian every where.

21/ Nov/ 2012
Gaza Under Attack

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Oxfam Gaza Weekly Update: A Baby Is Gone

Seven-month-old Adham Baroud is seen here at the Al Rantissi Children‟s Hospital‟s in Gaza City‟ suffering from acute chronic renal failure while he was waiting for permission from the government of Israel to be able to travel for treatment.

The permit never came – Adham died at around 1am on 26 December. He was referred to Israel for emergency treatment by his doctors in Gaza on 1 December. By the 19th, when this photo was taken, Adham was described by doctors at the hospital‟s Intensive Care Unit as “terminal”.

Acting Hospital Director Dr Mustafa Al Aqila told Oxfam that Adham was referred to Israel after a catheter inserted four months earlier in a previous operation in Israel got infected. The boy was born suffering from congenital renal problems requiring specialised treatment that is unavailable in Gaza.

“Adham needed immediate surgery and we couldn‟t provide that kind of service in Gaza,” Dr Al Aqila said. “We waited for Israel‟s permission to send him for treatment, like we did in the past, but the more time passed the more complicated his situation became.”

“We want to expand our services but the siege limits our development,” Dr Al Aqila said.
While emergency beds for patients waiting for permission to travel for treatment may not always be immediately available in Israeli hospitals, Israel, as the occupying power, is obliged under international law to ensure the welfare of Palestinian civilians whenever the existing resources do not suffice.

At the moment, the Gaza Strip is also suffering from a serious shortage of kidney dialysis filters that is putting the lives of 450 Palestinians, including 15 children, at risk.

This problem is also related to the lack of coordination between the Ramallah-based health ministry, which is responsible for ordering and sending medical supplies to Gaza, and its counterpart in Gaza.

Renal dialysis filters are essential for the cleansing of kidneys, and patients normally require two to three dialysis rounds a week.

“Kidney dialysis is a cycle. If you take out one element, the treatment cycle is stopped, and that compromises everything,” Dr Al Aqila said.

Last week, around 960 filters were sent from the West Bank to Gaza, an emergency measure that allowed dialysis rounds to continue, but the problem will remain unless thousands are shipped to the enclave soon. The same problem has existed for other medical disposables and medicines throughout this year, imposing an ongoing medical crisis in Gaza.

Oxfam partner the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to intervene urgently and get the health ministry in Ramallah to supply the blood filters to Gaza immediately. According to PCHR, there are currently 178 types of medicines and 190 types of medical consumables that are out of stock at Gaza‟s health facilities.

“PCHR warned of the impact of the shortage of medicines on the lives of patients in the Gaza Strip, but the crisis has not improved and it has re-emerged with the shortage of medicines necessary for renal diseases,” the centre said, adding that long-term coordination between the two governments was now an urgent priority, especially under the current atmosphere of political reconciliation.

Text and picture: Karl Schembri/Oxfam

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Climate Change
Take Action Today
“Climate change is the most severe problem that we are facing today, more serious even than the threat of terrorism “David King
The local and international environmental reports are representing that the environmental fragility combined with man-mad factors associated with political conflicts has created climate change vulnerability in the world. And according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) the earth’s climate system is undoubtedly getting warm and sever impacts and complications will definitely happen. So the impacts of climate change are likely to affect negatively on the development progress of the all countries in the world in a number of key areas including agriculture and food security, water resources, public health, climate related disasters and natural resources, mostly because so many systems are tied with climate, and a change in climate will negatively effect on people, planets and animals and it might be irreversible.
Thus they are many different types of climate change in the world such as temperature, precipitation, humidity, wind and seasonal variations and the social-economical and political conditions in the world would increase the vulnerabilities of these types of climate change around, and most significantly the most source of current global and local climate change is now dominated by human influences.
The Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT), as a part of global community is subject to many serious changes in key areas like annual rainfalls, mean temperature, extreme weather and sea level as stated in the Fourth Assessment Report of IPCC, and according to The Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Programam of Action of Palestinian Authority has identified that Gaza Strip having high level of climate vulnerability and these vulnerability is a result of two factor man-mad and political policy . For example of climate change in Gaza, now the Palestinian who living in Gaza are under the impact of critical water shortage. One of the most major reasons of water crisis in Gaza is the occupation policy and current military operations which has given the Palestinian little control of their water resources. Additionally, the blocked imposed on Gaza is prevented installation and development of an effective modern water and sanitation system, and you have to receive a permit before from the Israeli Authorities to start working on project water or entering any water reservoirs and pumping site.
Furthermore the impact of climate change will effect on the international and regional public health as well as Palestinian , the people will be risky for water –borne disease such Cholera that cause diarrhea and then dehydration . Besides, re-appearing of vector – born disease in long term like Malaria.
Now there is still time to avoid the worst impact of global climate change .if we are taking immediate action today’s and working together to developing and implementing best policies and practices of adaptation which can minimize the risks and sever impacts. The adaptation to climate change should involve the governments, civil societies, business leaders and policy makers, world leaders and young climate activist, in order to develop national strategies, protocols and tools to address the climate change, and supporting programs of climate and environment management. These adaptation strategies should be based on international cooperation and regional integration.
As a young leaders we can do difference in coping with climate change throughout many different activities such as putting pressure on policy makers and doing advocacy mobilization for more living a greener lifestyle, also improving the capacities of young people to effectively analyze the climate change in their countries. Besides, developing networks and coalitions where we can share best practices of this issue. And we should know these adaptation strategies require a mentoring and evaluation plan to measure the progress of climate change adaptation activities.
Finally, the international community needs to act immediately to reverse the damage of climate change and developing sustainable solutions that will benefits all nations and also paying serious attentions to climate change through engaging a variety of stakeholders and social media in the adaptation strategies.
By, Omar Hawajri

Thursday, April 19, 2012

World Health Day
April 7th
Take action today!!

“Today, Together we can do .Yes we can work hard for better health for older people and help them out to promote their healthy life-style and ensuring the quality of health care for them”

Today, The 7th of April, marks the World Health Day, Every year World Health Day celebrated on April to marks the anniversary of founding of the World Health organization in  1948.Each year a theme is selected for this day that highlight the priority area of WHO concern.
World Health Day is a global campaign, invite everyone from the global leaders to all the public around in all countries, to focus on single health issue /challenges with global impact. World Health Day provides an opportunity to start collective actions to protect people’s health and well-being.
C:\Users\omar hawajri\Desktop\WHO  World Health Day - 7 April.mht   
On The World Health Day 2012
Ageing & health:” Good Health adds Life to Years” the topic of World Health Day in 2012 health and ageing with the theme of:” Good Health Adds life to years “the focus is how good health throughout our life can help the older men and women to be more productive and have healthy life styles. To this aim, Dr. Margaret Chan, The director of World Health Organization said on this day: “We need to respect older people as rich source of wisdom and experience, as assets for society, not burdens, as new models for the “new normal”.
On this occasion, the Palestinian communities, government and non-government organizations including private and politician sector have been celebrated this world day with conducting many local events targeting the seniors in our communities in order to protect their health and promoting primary health care for them, Also in order to protect their health they translating their words to collective actions on the ground throughout putting the main stone to  establish a specialized  hospital that concern with only elderly male and female’s health and  give them the right access to hospitals and health centers to get the  primary ,secondary and tertiary health care.
In few words, aging health is one of the global as well as local health priorities and we should make really serious attention to their health and well-being through making extra –efforts to compact chronic diseases which  threatening the life of elderly people and ensuring the life-expectancy for them .

C:\Users\omar hawajri\Desktop\WHO  Director-General's message on World Health Day.mht
By, Omar Hawajri

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Youth for Change and Inspire Experience

It seems long days I didn’t have free time to write something. I know I have to write periodically to share my great experiences, ideas and knowledge with all of you. So that .Today, I’m writing to you to let you know about my latest great experience. This experience it’s not like any experience I have gained. I believe this experience was an exceptional opportunity for me to inspire others and to be inspired. This experience was with YOUTH FOR CHANG.
Recently, in December 2011, I got the official invitation to get involved in the Conference of Arab World Is Changing. Conducted in the Hellene Palestine Hotel in Alexandria. This conference was under the umbrella of the Bibliotheca Alexandria and Arab Reform Initiative, aims at addressing the current regional challenges affecting the Arabs communities in the MENA in particular after the Arabs’ Spring .In addition, to raise the awareness of the young leaders about the current difficult issues in the Middle East such as the democratic revolutions, regional cooperation, mutual understanding, peace and development. Also the conference was aiming to support the Arab’s youth with the tools, skills and knowledge to develop their local communities and foster the economic, social and culture exchange with the young people form different background.
Therefore, through the conference I got benefits in developing network of individuals and organizations in the Arab civic communities. Also I gained regional experience while I’m sharing ideas and knowledge with other young leaders.  This conference truly gives me a unique opportunity to demonstrate my skills and knowledge in the panel discussions with regional guest speakers and participants. Moreover, through my  active  participation in this conference I  developed a partnerships , built a community of relationships based on respect and caring  with activist leaders  from Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Tunisia, Morocco ,Sudan ,Kuwait  ,Libya and Yemen  , so we had been exchanged the culture of leadership and  change with each others.
On the other hand, I attended the YCF Phase III Conference Meeting; this meeting was aiming to give the youth winners the opportunities to present their inspiring projects, and to help them to developing their skills and tools to managing their projects in a professional manner. To this aim, YFC team was doing their extra-efforts through engaging the youth in different panel discussions, training and culture evening, to inspire them to be active role models in their communities, who have the strong desire and social responsibility towards positive change, in order to make difference and to be agent of change. Besides, their efforts to provide small - grants to support implementing youth’s initiatives in their communities.
The “Youth for Change” program aims at inspiring, informing and involving Arab’s Youth to be Agents of Change in their communities. The phase II of this program focuses on the theme: Global Youth Culture and Participation, and was launched in December 2009, through a partnership between TakingITGlobal and Bibliotheca Alexandria with local organizations.  And Phase III of this program focuses on the theme: Take Action, Dialogue and Mutual understanding, were launched in 2010 and 2011. The program also aims at encouraging cross-culture dialogue and supporting youth –led development through local projects in 14 priority countries: Algeria, Jordan, Palestine, Yemen, Tunisia, Sudan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Saudi Arabia and Syria.
Finally, I express my pleasure and greeting, and highly appreciate YFC Team efforts, in particular Ms. Tala Nabulsi, the YFC Arab Engagement Coordinator. To give me this experience to be the Agent of Change in my local communities.

Friday, December 2, 2011

International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

November 29th
International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

Take Action Today
“Together we can do, yes we can, together to end the unjust occupation, a partied and siege, and supporting the Palestinian peacefully resistance to get all rights “

Today, November 19th 2011, marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. In 1977, the UN General Assembly called for an annual observance of November 29 as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This week the youth of Palestine and the non-violent popular resistance in the Gaza Strip have sent a call for this day to every free fighters and peacemakers all over the world, to “every free human being in the world, We send revolutionary greetings from Palestine, the holy land of prophets and we continue to hold the olive branch, the symbol of peace, from the homeland of peace... We struggle and resist - using peaceful and civil resistance, and by every form of legitimate resistance like what the Palestinian Free Riders did last 2 weeks, to obtain freedom, justice, independence and peace just like any nation which is oppressed by occupation and the domination of capitalism. Here, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories we have suffered under the Israeli occupation for decades, and we still suffer from it...
To the Free People around the World, it is time to mobilize in favor of supporting humanity, to defend dignity and freedom, and insist on the enforcement of international justice on the side of the Palestinian People."
This mooring the Palestinian People from Gaza gathering on front of the UN Office and UNISCO, sending peacefully massage to international comminutes to continue supporting the Palestinian demands for self- dentition right , equality, freedom, and co-existence with other nations. And we have been appreciating the efforts of activist of the International Solidarity Movements towards Palestine, and never ever forget who scarves their soils our justice, particularly the Rachael Cori and Vik Arrigione, the Solidarity heroes with non Palestinian blood.
To this aim, At least we have to raise our Palestinian flag and calling upon for more diplomacy battles to admit Palestine as full member in the UN and refusing the withdrawal of US funding for OPI as a result of UNISO Palestine’s membership.

"Let us, on this International Day, reaffirm our commitment to translating solidarity into positive action. The international community must help steer the situation towards a historic peace agreement." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

With love and peace 
Omar Hawajri