Friday, December 2, 2011

International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

November 29th
International Day of Solidarity with Palestine

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“Together we can do, yes we can, together to end the unjust occupation, a partied and siege, and supporting the Palestinian peacefully resistance to get all rights “

Today, November 19th 2011, marks the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. In 1977, the UN General Assembly called for an annual observance of November 29 as the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People. This week the youth of Palestine and the non-violent popular resistance in the Gaza Strip have sent a call for this day to every free fighters and peacemakers all over the world, to “every free human being in the world, We send revolutionary greetings from Palestine, the holy land of prophets and we continue to hold the olive branch, the symbol of peace, from the homeland of peace... We struggle and resist - using peaceful and civil resistance, and by every form of legitimate resistance like what the Palestinian Free Riders did last 2 weeks, to obtain freedom, justice, independence and peace just like any nation which is oppressed by occupation and the domination of capitalism. Here, in the Occupied Palestinian Territories we have suffered under the Israeli occupation for decades, and we still suffer from it...
To the Free People around the World, it is time to mobilize in favor of supporting humanity, to defend dignity and freedom, and insist on the enforcement of international justice on the side of the Palestinian People."
This mooring the Palestinian People from Gaza gathering on front of the UN Office and UNISCO, sending peacefully massage to international comminutes to continue supporting the Palestinian demands for self- dentition right , equality, freedom, and co-existence with other nations. And we have been appreciating the efforts of activist of the International Solidarity Movements towards Palestine, and never ever forget who scarves their soils our justice, particularly the Rachael Cori and Vik Arrigione, the Solidarity heroes with non Palestinian blood.
To this aim, At least we have to raise our Palestinian flag and calling upon for more diplomacy battles to admit Palestine as full member in the UN and refusing the withdrawal of US funding for OPI as a result of UNISO Palestine’s membership.

"Let us, on this International Day, reaffirm our commitment to translating solidarity into positive action. The international community must help steer the situation towards a historic peace agreement." Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

With love and peace 
Omar Hawajri 

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