Sunday, November 6, 2011

Dear Friends
Today, I ‘m writing to you to express my greeting and pleasure for the American Friends Service Committee –Quakers Gaza Office Stuff , for their extra-ordinary efforts to help Palestinian youth in having better knowledge and values. I highly appreciate their efforts to give Gaza’s youth and I the opportunity to get involved in the “Alternatives To Violence Training Program “ this project aiming to building the capacities of Gaza’s youth in dealing with on-going violence by using non-violence alternatives and peaceful resolutions effectively . In addition, raising the awareness of participants about local as well as global crisis –related to violence throughout guidelines and instructions in how to transforming power in case of violent actions.
Actually, the program was too impressive and we get many benefits through active participation, this program had added more values and attitudes in how to behave peacefully and using many peacefully alternatives to violence. For example, we have trained in making Alternatives to Violence Mandala Process  , this process aiming to building the capacity of people in the use of transforming  power through  believe in  this 5 concepts  ( 5 techniques : Respect for Self,  Care for Others, Expect the Best , Think before reacting , Look for Non-Violent Path ). Moreover, we learned many great techniques to resolve conflict between people in our daily life, I‘m completely sure that if each one of us became believe in the following guidelines he / she will be in a peace with others.
1- Seek to resolve conflict by reaching for common grounds.
2- Reach for that something good in others.
3- Listen before making judgments.
4- Base your position on truth.
5- Be ready to revise your position, if it’s wrong.
6- Expect to experience great inward power to act.
7- Risk being creative rather than violence.
8- Use surprise and humor.
9- Learn to trust your inner sense of when to act.
10- Be welling to suffer for what is important.
11- Be patient and persistent.
12- Build community based on honesty, respect and caring.
The Training Program was 4 days ( 31 October -  3 November ) ,2011 .  It was like basic workshop and advanced skills program, we got more benefits trough exchange cultures, demonstrate skills and share ideas with the two American facilitators ( Joseph Digarbo the lead facilitator and Joseph Moore the co-facilitator also  )
In a few words, thanks allot for Quakers Gaza Office for their interesting to help others to enhance the culture of mutual understating and cross –culture dialogue between Gaza’s youth.
Am I willing to stay open to Transforming Power day after day, until it becomes my way of life ?

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