Monday, December 10, 2012

World Social Forum, My Speech statement

On the international Day of Solidarity with Palestinian .29th of Nov , 2012  

Thank you every body for coming today to this fourth session of World Social Forum, Free Palestine WSF entitled( The role of Palestinian civic organizations to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian youth in Gaza ) . It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the sessions of this World Social Forum in Porto Allegra- Brazil . this participating were coming after the recently Israeli attack on Gaza in November 2012 .

Actually , before coming here to the forum , My friends and I thought that we could not managed to get out from the Strip of Gaza in order to represent the Palestinian Youth within the Palestinian Youth Delegation who coming from all regions in Palestine ( Gaza Strip, West Bank, Jerusalem, 1948 ) and taking central role in these panel sessions. The reason why we thought that ,simply because of the Israeli Military Operations on the Strip .And as Gazan youth living under this horrible and scary situations ,under the ongoing the Israeli Apartheid  on the strip , I felt that any time , may I die by bombing and shelling everywhere ,  I was helpless and so afraid for my friends and family, because there were no safe places to go , no places to hide, and the worst feeling were seeing my little brothers  and sisters crying and screaming  with the hearing of the huge explosions  every time hit the civilians people around us .  I will never …never forget this terrible and miserable moments . So, today I’m so lucky to be among you while I share my feelings and experiences during this difficult time .

Thus, the most majority of causalities and martyrs were children, women as well as youth , who are always the first target for the Israeli attacks ,as a trial to make those youth go down and weak the youth development in the strip. So, today I’m here to share with the feelings and aspirations of Gaza youth under the Israeli Occupation and their apartheid siege . so, please let’s see this short movie about Gaza aspirations and dreams .

As you already know, Gazan  youth have been living on the biggest open –air jail on the world since many years . So, regarding this they have been suffering form  racism, isolation, segregation, an separation from the other side of our home land( WB, Jerusalem, and 1948 ) as well as the isolating from outside world.

Moreover, the vast majority of Gaza youth and I believing these “ segregation, isolation, and racism “ are other types of Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinian youth in general and Gaza as a particular, in order to disconnect them with the  other Palestinian youth living on the other sides, and prevent any trail to meeting under the theme of Palestine.

In fact, the Palestinian youth are easy to meet outside Palestine , but it’s not easy to meet in side Palestine , this is the an excellent example for the Israeli Apartheid against the Palestinian youth. Generally the Palestinian youth have dreams to visit their friends and families in Haifa, Jaffa, Acre, Jerusalem , they have dreams to visit the historic  places, to visit chures there,  but because the ongoing occupation they are not allowed to do that . this is a clear evidence what the Zionist doing on the ground .

So, today, I’m so happy not only to visit Brazil and get involved in the World Social Forum but also to met for the first time a great friends from West Bank , Jerusalem and 1948, as it’s was too difficult to meet them inside Palestine even though they are not far away from Gaza, where we living as an  hour away driving.

So, this is the leading role of the Palestinian civic organizations to support the steadfastness of Palestinian youth through facilitating their meeting and gathering with each other’s and  give them the opportunities to work collectively at national and international levels towards the freedom, justice, and dignity of all Palestinian everywhere. And also enhancing the right of Palestinian in self determination and  identity as well as other basic rights , which were admitted by the UN resolutions before.

Finally, as a Palestinian youth we think the time is over, time of banners is enough, time of silence is over , today it’s the time to take serious actions on the ground , to end the  Israeli occupation, apartheid and colonization, through out developing different networks of individuals and organizations worldwide , in order to send a clear massages to the intentional community about the  Palestine question and imposed the Israeli apartheid polices to the international bodies.  As I believe actions speak always louder than words .

Thank you every body for your listening and please follow us on the United Youth Face Book Page as an official page for the Palestinian Youth Delegation.!/pages/United-Youth-for-Palestine/496142273764183?fref=ts

Omar Hawajri, a member of Palestinian Youth Delegation to WSF 
Nov, 2012 

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