Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Gaza Attack 2012 "Pillar Of Clouds Operation "

Dear Friends,
Sorry it was long days I didn't post any thing , I know I should have to write and document what is goning on here in Gaza in these difficult sitautions( Gaza Under Attack 2012as Israeli called it Pillar Of Clouds Operation). the reason why I didn't post simply beacuse I was so busy with my work in the Pediatic Hospital during the days of Israile Attack and I didn't have engery to post while I see the Israeli massacres, bombing and shelling every where for 8 days .
Therfore, today is the 8th day of the Israile attack on the Gaza Strip , really we lived these difficult days as the latest days of our life, it's was so scary and we lsot many friends and relatives . during these ongoing attack we never sleep ,we were always wake up as a result of bombing and sheeling every where and as log as with these long days .
Regarign to this ongoing attack on Gaza , death toll rasing up to reach out 162 martyrs ,most of them are inoncet and civilains people , including 41 children, 11 women, and 1236 injuried people , including  438  children , 207 women as well.  and up to now, Israile airstrikes are goning on on the ground , boobing and shelling are raining on the GAZA as well as ther are many drones on the skye of Gaza rigth now trying to found out other civilances tragtes .
 The ceasfire agreement declared this night through the confercne press in Egypt between the Eqypation adiminstraion and Hellary Clintion - the Minister of US Foregins Affairs. However, the Israli continue on the ground and still trageting more civlainces here and there  as well as death toll still rasing up !!
Today, Time is over, time of baneers enough, it's the time to take seroius actions on the ground and to mobilize the international community to be with the rights of Palestinain people in freedom, dignity and peace like other nations worldwide. the interntional community should work today to stop the Israile mascares on the civialnce people in the strip as well as they should committ to do the best for Palestinian every where.

21/ Nov/ 2012
Gaza Under Attack


  1. Hi
    I write from Sweden, and I love your pictures, hope you will allow me to borrow them for my blog, for the people of Gaza / Palestine
    Love from Sweden / Marie

  2. can i use your image for the website?