Thursday, October 27, 2011

.Dear friends
I always wanted to have a blog , where I can write , ventilate and tell the world what is going on in Palestine to be my small window to the world, in a big open air- prison like Gaza, We need to continue , living , or struggling to live , while everybody ask how can you manage living in Gaza under unjust siege and oppression  , yes we can ,yes we did , committed to working hard to enhance the principles of humanity and human rights , until justice and peace prevail ,one day when our country is really free , and all efforts will be focused to improve the quality of life for Palestinians who suffered over the decades , we were always freedom fighters @ peace seekers and will continue our struggle towards 

.freedom  , peace and sustainable development
I shall keep you updated, I’m very busy with the my own health project ( Heath Education and Social Awareness for Gaza Communities ) a project aiming to raise awareness of the Palestinian people about current local and global community issues/problems and other life-threatening  problems .also it’s focuses on building the capacity of families and their children about many different community health skills and promotion; in order to enhance sustainable community health development and well-being in Gaza without on-going 

.violence. And also to achieve the UN Millennium Development Goals in Gaza
So, I’d like to welcome all of you in my new blog to share ideas, exchange culture and empowering social engagement with different networks of individuals and organizations around. In addition, I have created this new blog, as I lost my personal information to log in my old blog. So, please feel free to visit my old one on this link ( )

With love and peace from Gaza
Omar Hawajri

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